14479774_1783816391835486_3064590155916426949_nWren Awry, Founding Editor: Wren Awry is a New York-raised, Tucson-based writer, amateur folklorist, and aspiring teacher. They spend their free time cooking elaborate (read: frequently experimental) meals, watching too much TV, and volunteering with No More Deaths, an organization that provides humanitarian aid on the U.S.-Mexico border. Their essays, articles, and poems have been published by Rust + Moth, Essay Daily, Anarcho Geek Review,, and Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness.  Find Wren on Twitter: @wrenawry.

Anna Lea Jancewicz, Editor: Anna Lea Jancewicz’s writing has been chosen for The Best Small Fictions, Literary Hub Daily, and the Wigleaf Top 50 longlist, and has appeared at Hobart, Necessary Fiction, Pithead Chapel, and many other venues. Once, while writing a story about Baba Yaga, she grew a wart on the end of her nose. True story. Follow her into the deep dark woods at

2René Madonna Ostberg, Editor: René Ostberg is from Chicago. She has a B.A. in English from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and spent several years living and working in Ireland, on the Aran Islands and in County Down. Her writing has been featured at Tiny Donkey, Literary Orphans, Thank You For Swallowing, Drunk Monkeys, Booma: The Bookmapping Project, and other places. She still lives in Illinois, outside Chicago, where she enjoys riding her cherry red bicycle all around town and spending time with her three cats.

3Gabriel A. Jiménez, Editorial Assistant: Gabriel A. Jiménez is from Nogales, a small border town in Southern Arizona. He graduated from Nogales High School in 2013 and was accepted as a Guitar Performance major at the University of Arizona School of Music, but is now a Creative Writing major. He considers himself absolutely awkward, a music junkie, and has never been to Disneyland. He is an avid movie spectator and genuinely enjoys writing short story prose.

4Cat Solewin, Editorial Assistant: Cat Solewin is a poet, published in Pima College’s 2013 edition of SandScript, U of A’s Persona, and winner of Words on the Avenue’s March 2016 Favorite Local Reader competition. Currently enrolled as a double major in English and Creative Writing, Cat prefers to spend any spare time engaging in wine-fueled philosophical debates about the state of the world, and also talking to her dog Ophelia, way too much.